About Punjab History

Punjab is a state in northwest India. The Punjab was known as land of five rivers because of the five rivers Jhelum, Ravi, Beas, Sutlej and Chenab. This place is a smiling-soul of India, finds sufficient mention in the chronicles of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, the Puranas and the Vedas. This state has played extremely crucial and unmistakable role in India’s struggle for the Independence. The land of Great Masters like Guru Nanak and Great Raja’s like Maharaja Ranjith Singh.

The Agriculture sector is the largest industry and most of the Punjabi food is eaten with either rice or roti, healthy food with less calories. The extensive cuisine of Punjab can be vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Tourism is quickly expanding due to its wonderful visiting attractions. This is the land of milk and honey and has a healthy climate